Technology's Pulse: Essays on Rhythm in German Modernism

TitreTechnology's Pulse: Essays on Rhythm in German Modernism
Type de publicationBook
Year of Publication2011
AuteursCowan, M
Series Titlegrs books
Series Volume5
PublisherInstitute of Modern Languages Research
ISBN Number9780854572304

Modernity, as has often been observed, was fundamentally concerned with questions of temporality. The period around 1900, in particular, witnessed numerous efforts to define, discipline or 'liberate' temporal experience. Within this broader framework of thinking about temporality, 'rhythm' came to form the object of an intense and widespread preoccupation. Rhythmical research played a central role not only in the reconceptualization of human physiology and labour in the late nineteenth century, but also in the emergence of a new leisure culture in the early twentieth. The book traces the ways in which notions of 'rhythm' were mobilized both to conceptualize modernity (narrate its origins and prescribe its directions) and, in particular, to forge a new understanding of temporal media that came to mark the mass-mediated experience of the 1920s: a conception of artistic media as mediators between the organic and the rational, the time of the body and that of the machine.